We are really excited to celebrate our nuptials with all of you - our wonderful family and friends. The opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know each other while visiting, dancing, eating and relaxing with us is what this is all about. Take some time to explore our website and familiarize yourself with all the wonderful things Horning's Hideout has to offer. Please join us, and have fun!!!

Schedule of events

Noon: Guests are invited to arrive
You are welcome to arrive at the wedding site any time after mid-day. Please feel free to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the grounds. See the Horning’s Hideout website for details regarding fishing, paddle boat, cycling and frisbee golf options. We also invite you to bring your own croquet, bocce, and any other any other lawn sports you might like to enjoy and share.
5pm: Wedding ceremony
5:30: Dringling
Have a drink and mingle – please introduce yourself to someone you don’t know, we have a really fabulous community of family and friends and we want you to get to know each other
6:30: Potluck dinner
We will be grilling fresh tuna, and serving beer and wine. Please see the potluck page of this website to see what you can bring. If you have a picnic blanket please bring it along for dining on the grass - picnic table seating will be limited.
After dinner: music, dancing, celebrating
We want everyone to have a great time.
Please Note
Everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to pitch a tent and stay the night. If you drink, don’t plan on driving home. Please see the lodgings page for on-site camping and nearby hotels.

This is an all outdoor event. There will be some seating for dinner, but we encourage you to bring your favorite picnic blanket to pitch on the grass! And, although we are hoping for a hot summer afternoon, don't forget to come prepared for the cooler evening hours.